Friday, January 7, 2011

Uttar Pradesh Lok seva aayog exam 2011

Indianisation of the superior Civil Services became one of the major demands of the political movement compelling the British Indian Government to consider setting up of a Public Service Commission for recruitment to its services in the territory. The first Public Service Commission was set up on October 1st, 1926. However, its limited advisory functions failed to satisfy the people's aspirations and the continued stress on this aspect by the leaders of our freedom movement resulted in the setting up of the Federal Public Service Commission under the Government of India Act, 1935. Under this Act, for the first time, provision was also made for the formation of Public Service Commissions at the provincial level.

As a consequence the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission was constituted on the 1st of April 1937 with its headquarters at Allahabad and has a glorious past of more than 60 years. At the time of its inception The UP Public Service Commission was situated in a few rooms in the then Secretariat, but now apart from a lavish campus at Allahabad, it has a Camp Office in the state capital Lucknow as well. In 1937 only 9,811 applications were disposed and over the years the quantum of work has increased manifold with the disposal of a few lakh applications every year now.

he UP Public service Commission has modernised itself with the times and massive computerisation is being undertaken presently. The examination system has been partly computerised and the process is still under progress.
It has two spacious Examination Centres in Allahabad and Lucknow and they can cater to the needs of 3000 candidates at the same time.

he number of the members of the Commission has also increased gradually in keeping with the increase in the quantum of work of the Commission and now there are 8 members in it.

The working of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is also regulated by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Regulation, 1976

Examination Conducted by the Commission

List of Examinations Conducted by the U.P. Public Service Commission time to time.( Direct recruitment through interviews only as per the service rules of various posts)
1. Combined State/Upper Subordinate Preliminary Examination.
2. Combined State/Upper Subordinate Main Examination.
3. R.O/A.R.O Preliminary Examination (Only for the Commission)
4.. R.O/A.R.O Main Examination(Only for the Commission)
5. A.P.S. Examination(Only for the Commission)
6. Assistant Registrar Examination
7. Combined State Engineering Examination.
8. U.P. Nyayic Seva (Junior Division) Examination
9. Assistant Prosecuting Officer Examination

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